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Cut 20:  C+T continue on the same stretch of NE 1st Ave. (600 blk).

Cut 21: Linus continues north on Alton Road. C+T cut him off at Lincoln Road and Alton Road.

Cuts 22-25 they both go eastbound on Lincoln Road Mall.

Cut 25: They drive by what is now a Banana Republic store.

Cut 26: They stop in the doorway of the Colony Theater, 1040 Lincoln Road Mall.

They take a walk back down (west) Lincoln Road with Linus to enlighten him. As they talk with him Sonny realizes he is exposed and starts to think about, maybe he is a target right then. He looks up at a building. This is the Suntrust building on Lincoln Road.

Below, the blue arrows are Crockett and Tubbs’ path. Red arrows are Linus Oliver’s path. Green arrow is where we see hit man. Yellow arrow points to Suntrust building. Purple arrow points to Bannana Republic and orange arrow points to Colony Theater.

Next, Crockett visits his wife and son at the safe house. This was filmed on Key Biscayne at the south tip of Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park.

We then go to a nightclub. This has been reported to have been filmed at a club in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. called Heaven. Tom from MiamiVice.Org contacted me and let me know that the night-club Pizazz, used in season three’s Better Living Through Chemistry looked a lot like the same night-club as we see here in Hit List. After watching the two episodes they do look alike but are not the same place. With further help from Tom I did find information that lead me to another club just up the street, on the former site of Porky’s (the club the movies were based on, not the location where Porky’s was filmed. Porky’s was filmed on the 79th Street Causeway at Jilly’s.  Same as used in Lady in Cement), now a pet supermarket. This filming for Hit List was filmed at a club called  Nepenthe, 3937 N Federal Hwy. Ft. Lauderdale.

 Tom let me know the address for Pizazz used in Better Living Through Chemistry was 3208 N. Federal Highway, Ft. Lauderdale. He has the original script with the location sheet from Better Living Through Chemistry so we know that was the club used in that episode. Some web sites incorrectly locate Pizazz on the north-west corner of Oakland Park Blvd. and US1. That was a place called Hot Chocolate. I had been in there several times years ago and can definitely say it was never used in Miami Vice. Pizzaz is across US1 on the north-east corner of US1 and Oakland Park Blvd. It was on the second floor of the mall anchored by Target and TJ Maxx.  Thanks Tom

The yellow sign in the background (center) reads Pharaoh Room.  This was a big clue, helping to locate this filming location.

We then see Crockett go to his wife and tell her that the danger is over. This could have been filmed anywhere but most likely this was a set at Greenwich studios.

We then cut to a police interrogation room. This has the same wall construction and appearance as the hospital that we saw earlier. This is also a set a Greenwich studios.

While Menendez is in custody, Linus Oliver gets shot. The shooter is still out there. Tubbs goes to inform and protect Crockett. The scene starts with a view of Miami from Watson island just south of the old draw-bridge.

Who is driving the car?  Crockett is driving to his own rescue. They use old footage of the car driving southbound on Brickell crossing SW 15th Road with Crockett and Tubbs, or their stunt doubles both in the car.

Then the next cut is eastbound on SE 15th Road crossing Brickell Ave. The next two cuts they continue eastbound on what has become Brickell Bay Drive. Then they throw some sparks as they cross Brickell again from SW 15th Road to Brickell Bay Drive.

Crockett and Caroline arrive home.

Tubbs continues to speed to the rescue. Westbound on Brickell Bay Drive toward Brickell Ave. then on Brickell headed south past SW 15th Road and then westbound from Brickell Bay Drive across Brickell onto SW 15th Road.

Crockett and Caroline get out of the car and it cuts back to Tubbs speeding to the rescue, headed over the Rickenbacker Causeway to Virginia Key.

Crockett takes his family inside and spots trouble.

The fun begins. The hit man attempts to get away by jumping out a front window at 119 Harbor Drive, Key Biscayne. Below greens arrows point to window he jumps out of. Lots of landscaping has been added since Vice days. Makes me wonder if the owner was looking for privacy with all the vicers stopping by to see the famous house. In the screen capture you can see that they blacked out the stuntman’s head so it would not be obvious that it was a stuntman.

Tubbs: “They finally broke Mendez down.  Calderone is in the Bahamas.”

Crockett:  “That’s only sixty miles away.  How long will it take you to get ready.”

Tubbs:  “I’m always ready.”




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episode 5:

Calderone’s Demise

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After the action we see intercut a view of the Venitian Causeway and the area around the Miami Herald filmed from Watson Island.

Then we return to Caroline’s house where day is breaking and things are wrapping up. 119 Harbor Drive, Key Biscayne.

The carport has since been converted into a garage.

5 Calderone's Demise

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