Then we see Tubbs and Valerie in a hotel room. This looks like the Hilton Fontainebleau (99% sure) but I have not confirmed this 100%.  If you can confirm this please let me know at

Miami Vice

Episode 16

Rites of Passage


Original air date:  02/08/1985

The episode starts as we are introduced to Lile, who has spotted Diane Gordon on the beach.  This was filmed at the rear of the Fontainebleau. in the 4400 block of Collins Ave.

From there we go to lunch.  Not allot of background is seen but it looks like the grounds of the Fontainebleau.

Then we go to a party. Location unknown.

After what has become the standard season 1 opening montage we see them pull a floater out of the Miami River. This was filmed out west near the Miami Jai-Alai. They are on the south side of the river just west of the railroad bridge. The same railroad bridge that we saw Crockett jump off of in the Pilot, to catch Tubbs who had taken Crockett’s boat. They are on the grounds of what is now Central Super Mix.

Next we see Zito and Switek working on the bug van. This was filmed at Greenwich Studios outside stage D on the south side. This is a very interesting shot because it was before they installed a garage door in the wall seen to the rear of the van. That area is now part of the carpentry department where they build sets. On the right side of the screen capture below, behind the van is Stage A. This is where the O.C.B. set was built.  

Then we go inside the O.C.B. (set). We meet Valerie and Tubbs takes Valerie to a nearby park to talk. This was filmed at Jose Marti park on the Miami River close by to Gold Coast Shipping. SW 4th Street at SW 4th Ave. This is the same location where we saw Crockett pose as a hit man in No Exit.

Then we go to the O.C.B. where we see them review the party film.  Valerie recognizes her sister on the film.

Then we see Lile take Diane shopping. This was filmed in several stores but they look like they are most likely in the same shopping center.

In one spot (below left) you can see the camera reflected in the mirror.  In a different store it appears there is an arched structure outside the front window (below right). If you know where this was filmed please let me know at

Then we see Crockett, Tubbs and Valerie enter a consulate.  Location unknown.

Then we see Diane at the party house, location unknown. Crockett and Tubbs show up and take her away.

Then we see Dianne and Valerie at a clinic.  Location unknown.

Then we go to the interior of the O.C.B. (set).  

Next we go to the clinic, but this time it is a different location. I believe this scene was filmed on the second floor, far south corner of Villa Vizcaya.

Then we see Tubbs and Valerie in bed. Location unknown.

She talks to Traynor on the phone. He is in his condo at The Palace, 1541 Brickell Ave.

Then we see Crockett outside the clinic. He calls Tubbs and lets them know what has happened. Locations unknown.

This leads us to the police station (studio set). Here we see Traynor’s attorney does not even know the difference between slander and libel.

Then we see Valerie taking her dead sister home.  This was filmed at Miami international Airport.

Then we go back to the OCB (set). Tubbs gets a call and then we see Crockett and Tubbs walking out the door of stage D at Greenwich Studios.

Then we see Valerie getting out of a cab at The Palace condo on Brickell Ave.

Then we cut to the Daytona eastbound on SE 15th Road.

Crockett and Tubbs arrive at the condo in time to save Valerie but not in time to stop her from killing everyone there.

The episode ends there.




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The Maze


Then we see Traynor’s high-rise condo. This was filmed at The Palace, 1541 Brickell Ave., Miami. Thanks to Pink Flaming0 who found this location while working with a group effort at

R1 01/12/2012

R2 06/30/12 03/08/13

Then back to Valerie at The Palace where she exits the elevator on the penthouse level.

Intercut we see Crockett and Tubbs responding. This appears to be reused footage from Biscayne Blvd.  Exact location unknown.

If you recognize any of the unknown locations, or have something else to add, please let me know at

As seen in No Exit.

Then we see Stan and Larry invade a party to illegally record the participants.

Location unknown.

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at:

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